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Can we learn without effort or perseverance?

When taking a new scale debate on the school, its methods, its necessary adaptation, we felt that this text from an interview with a great mathematician can afford to think about when, among many others, is advanced the argument that children today have changed, and that methods are just adapting to new realities. Against which we protest.

For if the conditions of social life and family were indeed deeply modified the basic needs of the child, and learning processes remain the same. Learning conditions, the steps to observe the ongoing effort, concentration of mind, work and exercise memory, the need for the child to be recognized, to be surrounded and helped by adults including his family, to continue to succeed in the way of knowledge, this is as necessary as in the past. We therefore propose to vote thinking about such an eminent mathematician, who said simply that his problems and helped him overcome them. To meditate, to display, to offer all our children.

How about a college student or a college student to make him want to do math?
I can only give an assurance that, if we agree to spend years to deepen mathematics or, more generally, intellectual disciplines, despite their apparent aridity and overcoming the boredom, we will one day access to wealth and beauty that would not even have imagined before. But we must accept to go through long periods of boredom inherent in all learning. The problem is that this difficulty was further increased by the recess programs, which has eliminated the middle and high schools all true intellectual nourishment of interest to students at an age when yet it is easier to learn.

What do you think are the most important qualities for success in mathematics in college and high school?
The ability to accept and overcome boredom. Perseverance. The love of truth for herself.

If you were to give two tips for parents to help their children, their would you suggest?
Discard the TV and video games from home. Value in the minds of children and youth mental things for themselves (and not just for good grades). Make children and young people respect the authority of teachers (rather than destroy our authority, as is the case in my view cause many parents today, for example when they make a mountain out of a mistake that a teacher will have done once – as if it was serious, or when they take advantage of children in conflict with a teacher).

Were you a good student in college?
Yes, I was very good student. That does not mean that everything was easy for me. I had and still have no specific provision for mathematics, I have a lazy mind and slow, and if I made my way through the particular route of mathematics, it is almost only because in my family, I found the conditions and principles I just mentioned. A student who finds that things are difficult intellectual truth must know that they are easy for anyone, that this difficulty is normal that these things are for him as much intellectual as the other, and with attention and the work he has the means to make them his own, to the highest level.

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