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How Webcasting Has Transformed Business

Getting new prospects to become customers has always been a challenge for businesses. Some people are able to do this more successfully than others but it has always been something that requires the right type of finesse as well as access to individuals who are interested in what you have to offer. The Internet has really changed the way that much of this is done because we can now access webinar tools that allow us to give our presentation through video webcasting to hundreds or perhaps even thousands of individuals instead of the one-on-one sales pitch that was standard just a few short years ago. What has webcasting brought to the table and what are some of the things that you should consider when using it in your business?

First of all, using the right enterprise video platform and holding a webcast can certainly have a significant impact on your business (Source: Enterprise Video Platform by Media Platform). It allows you to reach out to multiple potential customers or existing customers at the same time. If done properly, you will see quite a return for the amount of time that you invest in such a project. Of course, it would require that you understand how to use these online tools successfully and that you are prepared well in advance so that you can give your presentation with the greatest degree of success. It would be worth your time to investigate the various options that were available through the webcasting service and to make the most of them. In doing so, you will be able to gain the trust of your existing customers even further and to bring some new customers on board in one of the easiest ways possible.

Video Converter Software

Do you want to convert your favorite movies from AVI (DivX or Xvid) to DVD? Or maybe you want to convert videos on your mobile phone, a camera or even a video downloaded from the internet? Today I will explain how to do this in several steps and by using a free program that is very good and very light.

First, let’s understand what the files that are M4V formats. The M4V format denotes a compression format for video files introduced by American company Apple. Through this format, Apple sells its popular iTunes site several episodes of television series, movies and music videos.

M4V format is very close to the famous and popular MP4 format, except that the size of the Apple introduces an additional protection system copyright (DRM) to prevent fraudulent copies of the files. In addition, M4V files can only be played on devices such as Apple’s iPod, for example. Therefore, the need to be able to view local video encoded with M4V on any device requires an appropriate file conversion.

Finally, another small reason for introduction of this format, an MP4 file can contain both audio and video information, hence could make an ambiguity. M4A extension for audio and video M4V for the meeting is to’ need to be able to predict the contents of a file from the read-only of ‘extension. A file will then unequivocally M4V video content.

To convert M4V file format to another format we can use different programs available online. However, that these programs allow conversion of our files without any limitation. Some of this software, in fact, convert file under whose duration is less than 10 minutes.

Need4 Video Converter is great software to convert preferred file formats into the formats you would like to watch on Television, play a cellular phone, include on your site or enjoy on your favored convenient gadget. You can easily get this software here:

If you use your Mac and want to convert a file in a suitable format for Windows systems can, however, use this program: Roxio Toast 7.

Here are some advices in choosing the video format for the conversion. If, for example, our video must be watched on a DVD player, it will be good to use the MP4 file format or at least, the DivX format, readable on most readers. The conversion is a simple process and fast enough; the duration depends, of course, on the size of the file.