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Practical Tips for class of serene snow

A few years ago, a famous advertising slogan proclaimed “the mountain, it wins you.” The many school experiences over the years is proof: Class of snow is a real lifeline. For this, it must be well organized and age-appropriate students. Different teachers, through France, share their secrets for a successful stay. The latter hope their tips will snowball!

Memories of class are imperishable snow, they can share moments between teachers and students. This output is not limited to the few days spent there, she begins several months before the big day
A few months ago …

Who says stay memorable, said stringent organization, upstream. For Helena, dynamic teacher in the Oise “behind the scenes correspond to 99% of the proper conduct of living.” It all starts with the accommodation rental. For competitive prices, we have to take almost a year in advance. The young Picard favors periods outside school holidays. She embarks on the search for housing, from June to January, for example.
This school teacher, broken field trips, also recalls that the individual purchase of insurance is compulsory for every student. It checks on a case by case, before departure, that each participant in this optional field trip, well assured. “I happened not to be from a child because of a problem Warrant”. In addition to its own insurance and its adherence to the Autonomous Solidarity, Helena has insurance offer enhanced business education including legal protection professional.
The class is irrevocably associated with snow skiing, and therefore the courses at the French Ski School (ESF). “These lessons can be booked at least one month in advance,” Emily tells us, a teacher in Normandy. It is essential to specify the number of children and their level. Beginners will form groups of 10 people. It is also possible to win his own trophy: budding skiers can spend the stars but beware: they are paying! Regarding the hardware, Emilie recommends to go through agencies or who have their own cottage rental. “There are services stay more complete, thereby limiting the number of players” … and thus constraints. Again, we must take a few months in advance and think well give the size and the size of the class.
A few weeks ago …

At this point, things rush, it even floats like a mountain wind in the school. It’s that time Antoninus, in the Loiret teacher and avid snow favors to set up information meetings for parents of students. “If I do it too soon, I feel they do not invest. It is important that parents, as students are agents of their stay.” Antonin, benefits meetings to explain planning classroom activities, sports and cultural site. “Students tend to forget that they do not go to summer camp, and therefore they are not exempted from the course. During one of these outings, I even made ​​a surprise Interro” slides schoolmaster …
It was also at that time he made ​​contact with various partners: tourist information, city hall, museums, tourist, office lifts …
A few weeks before D-Day , Helena seeks assurances from the various transportation agencies that everything is in order. She recommends that you make inquiries with SNCF to whether it is possible to benefit from the “background service” at the time of booking tickets. The railway undertaking shall make available to groups, carts supported by officers, to ensure that all luggage in the hold of the train. “It happened one year, the” baggage service “is not assured the arrival station, because I had failed to specify. Imagine the panic.”
A week earlier …

The thrills of departure are not far away, the watchword is euphoria. This moment is not without some tension. “The case by case basis is appropriate, fun Antonin. It is difficult to imagine the numbers of parents encountered, the days before the start”. The teacher provided himself with health fact sheets, listing allergies, special diets … The latter recommends to always keep it with these precious information files. They will be updated until the start!
It is at this point also discussed what the terrible question of the bag and its contents. As a teacher, but also as a mother of three children, Helena is broken to the usual questions. The teacher advocates to be paying all that gloves, goggles, combination … she also recalls that the marking of clothing is essential: “the same socks that have the tendency to escape from the bag and to walk. “Regarding the amount of clothes – in addition to the combination of skiing and that goes with it – for a week: three sweaters, both of pants, a polo shirt or a day, so many slips, socks, and warm pajamas. “It does nothing to emissions to empty his wardrobe and overloading her child”.
usual one: the issue of pocket money. For Antoninus, it is useless to go with large sums. 15 to 20 euros up, enough to buy postcards, a little souvenir. “They will not spend their time in the shops”. The teacher asks parents to provide one to three stamped envelopes with addresses written on it directly. “This avoids both errors, but mostly having to go buy stamps. How much faster” blows the schoolmaster.
A few days earlier …

To channel the excitement of students, Emilie – our teacher of Normandy – has set up some workshops. The first is to make a small souvenir booklet, designed to collect lots of information and impressions of the week in class snow.
The second is a study of the mountain environment, its fauna and flora. She turns to her students a selection of books referring to the region they are about to explore.
The latter is a computer workshop. During these sessions, the class work in a room of the school inspectorate. The school go on the internet to discover the landscapes and the cultural environment that will welcome them. Over the years, Emily has even set up a system to manage a blog, so as to involve the group and to give new parents an interactive way.
A few hours earlier …

On the day, different feelings are mixed: great joy, great sorrow content. Soon the doors of the train or bus will be closed for an exciting adventure. Here now called Antoninus: “The proliferation of arms.” One for identity documents, one for stuffed animals, yet another for drugs or pocket money last minute, and a final to comfort the inconsolable. “Some parents even tried to drag a laptop to be sure to join more easily!”
Helena has solved the problem of the phone. It is used in cases of extreme emergency. For other cases, it goes through a service called “hearing aid”: parents can call an answering machine, on which accompanying teachers recorded message giving good news of the group. Its update is inexhaustible. This is a generally popular with parents.
On track!

Once there, finally the worst is over. The pace is necessary to progressively. “While we were well distributed rooms, new cohabitation improvise,” says Emily. Before warn his successors: “No more than ten students per room, beyond that, it’s unmanageable.” Helena calls to locate places, buses, shuttles, their schedules, their frequency …
From day one, all recommend that responsible adults do go into town and warn of the presence of the group: Fire, police, town hall, and shopping nearby. “It is always best to make contact with a local maximum” Antonin abounds.
Emilie favors the collection of information, feelings, emotions … and draws a classification work, organizing and summarizing each evening. Its goal? Achieve, within the school, exposure to parents, other classes and elected officials. “This is a form of balance sheet explained with words and the feelings of students.” Perhaps of a way not to turn the page too quickly …

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