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“Cosmetics: attention to the chemical potion” The World

Annie Sasco, director of research at Inserm Bordeaux, epidemiology team leader for cancer prevention, and remark that “it is difficult for consumers to identify which substances to avoid in beauty products, as the number of possible components is high and their nature sometimes surprising to say the least. “

Pascale Santi discusses the “main substances in the sights of associations and the scientific community, parabens, preservatives suspected of disrupting reproductive and endocrine; phthalates , used to soften plastics or fixatives in perfumes, suspected effects on the male reproductive tract, certain glycol ethers, solvents widely used in hair dyes; aluminum salts in deodorants, nail nails.. “

The journalist noted that Anne-Corinne Zimmer, a member of the Scientific Committee of WECF France ( Women in Europe for a Common Future ), advises to “use products from brands respecting the charter” Cosmic “, which requires that 95% plants used are from organic farming. ”
Santi Pascale concludes that “all manufacturers do not use undesirable ingredients, but the notes accompanying their products are often illegible for the consumer.”