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Rules of ergonomics illustrated in a short video animation

Using a desktop or portable devices like mobile smartphone is not only common for many people but if we are not careful, it is often performed and / or extended- thresholds beyond ensuring the welfare and safety of the user.

Here is a series of animations very light and are silent is more, occurring in discrete real suggestions. They offer basic advice to take advantage of the great advantages of information technology and communication by adopting healthy habits such as

correct posture,
regular breaks
proper fit of equipment.
This is, sensitization by simulating postures and behaviors early and miscalculated and that can cause harm to our body and that of healthy behaviors generated by respect for basic safety rules that can help prevent or live better constraints at work in the classroom or at home. Some disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain / neck or eye would no longer be incurred if we allowed ourselves to soak in all of the above.

This animation is to see, if only for its quality and universality, since it contains no text or speech! In just over a minute, we learn the basics.