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Meaningful learning in the classroom

Meaningful learning in the classroom in the field of education for some time remained behaviorism current teaching, where teachers gave emphasis to the expected behaviors of the students, and he sought more attention to the product or final grade by a written exam.

Currently, from the educational vision is considered that these forms detracted behavioral development of students’ learning, making a comparative review of the educational thinking as Kamii Peaget; within constructivism, stated that when knowledge is acquired predominantly from the interior construction done by the subject. Also one must consider that in turn influences social learning environment in which it operates. since this approach education must be understood as an appropriate element to help enhance human development and promotion of moral and intellectual autonomy (Devries and Kohiberg, 1987).

When creating new schemes are linked to the foreground or meaningful learning is built. But what is meant by meaningful learning?, Who or who are the creators of the theory of meaningful learning?, How learning can be achieved in the classroom? David Ausubel, Novak and Helen Joseph Hanesian, specialists in psychology education at Cornell University, designed the “meaningful learning theory” the first systematic model of cognitive learning, whereby learning is necessary to relate new learning from the student’s previous ideas, learning new knowledge depends of what is already known, or put another way, he began to build the new knowledge through concepts already possess.