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How apples 3 changed the world

Difficult to remain unmoved by the death of the creator of Apple, Steve Jobs, a few days ago. If his critics were quick yesterday to shed a tear, even to enjoy the event to sell a few accessories in poor taste , the finest tributes anonymous just as much attracted by his personality and vision the world by the quality of services and products of the company he founded in his garage.

If there was only one example to remember the millions of stories found on the Net about the disappearance of Steve Jobs, the message of Imran Pangilinan on the Facebook page of Discovery News seems to be it.
To This net, three apples have changed the world:
first, that of Adam and Eve,
the second, that of Newton;
the third, that of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs is a genius of modern times? A guru of new technologies? Who knows … Anyway, it is not the rock star adored by millions of fans when we try to compare. Steve Jobs does not merely make people dream by singing to the music often texts written by others, he allowed them to live their lives with things they would never have dared to dream.

And what better than to listen to Steve Jobs explain how he could get there to understand how one’s background can affect his future and that of millions more.