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Evocative games to write

This little book, very carefully done, this 130 activities and exercises fully explained and illustrated, accompanied by many useful tips to parents.

The exercises are progressive age – two and a half years to five years – and grouped into four chapters with explicit titles:
– Handling: a Preparatory gymnastics
– A gym to open to the outside world
– Gymnastics graphic
– A first approach to writing
not to mention the exercises to develop inner speech to think consciously.

The book includes a list of practical information, a glossary, a bibliography.

Agnes is Daubricourt graphologist psychotherapist writing therapist, and mother of five.

This book is alive, physical, carnal. Children late have often lacked contact with the family: no words, no play, no contact with adults. They are sluggish, dull and mute at an event graphics and language, which have had little to imitate gestures, a level very limited vocabulary and improper language, not having had oral transmission, all interspersed with peaks of agitation in learning because they do not “work”, that is to say, build, provide a repeated effort. They can not be located in space because they are folded on themselves did not have an adult to guide them in the world, to accompany them.

Some kindergarten teachers think ‘it will come with time “But that’s just the opposite. Do nothing for them, it’s more locking them in a vacuum bubble. It is a form of social autism reinforced by non medical care or specialist of some of these children (class professional development and other small structures in the school)

So I summarize: this book is good for all small, from 2 years and then whatever the level, provided it is physically possible to implement these activities in the first grade class at the support for example.