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Improving in Learning!

All education stakeholders are addressing the issue of quality of learning. In this reflection, the Tice take pride of place, whether to accuse them of all evil or rent their almost magical power. Of course, the use of Tice can not be treated as a systematic practice of innovation in education to improve the quantity or quality of academic learning. Number of uses of Tice even strengthen old practices, even obsolete.

Conversely, innovation and alternative education did not wait for the Tice grow and develop. But the widespread use of digital tools and resources, in almost all social groups and on the whole planner, has revived the debate about the quality of academic learning. For tools and digital resources have consistently highlighted the ever-widening gap that is widening between the requirements and school values ​​and those occurring in the open space of the Internet.

Formal education systems are giants with feet of clay. Colossi exhausted, degraded sometimes even before grown old, who lost their intimidating power but yet remarkably resistant to the assaults of actors frustrated by not being able to be heard. The shock will probably decisive ground on which they are placed, ie of all those excluded from education, dissatisfied that they had received or aspiring to reconnect with the joy of learning, will seek new horizons in educational learning spaces online.