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School classroom management

Preparation of the days of observation and practice for classroom management. As is well known Emmer defined classroom management as “a set of behaviors and teacher’s activities aimed at students adopt appropriate behavior to reduce distractions at least.”

One issue that is of great importance is the question of discipline, tells us that this is a very broad concept as it does not refer to a single provision, a good discipline has a good working environment classroom where students have the confidence to establish a good relationship with the teacher to express their concerns of all that is around you.

Yet all this does not mean that the student is going to let him do whatever you want but the teacher should set limits on students and gradually reduce inappropriate behaviors.

It’s not easy to get a good discipline, as it is believed that good discipline is not to be passive learners but on the contrary it is intended that students interact but in an orderly manner without becoming a disaster.
Within the category of standards and expectations, teachers concerned about governance:
* Create an atmosphere of order and work.
* Have a good command-control.
* Establish new clear and sensible rules.
* Making students accountable for their actions and duties.
But this is not all that there is to organizational aspects in the classroom where the teacher has to plan for these activities are effective and relaxed.
All this does not end here but are classroom activities, keeping students engaged in productive activities for them where they can learn more. But all is not pink but also a good teacher should be prepared for bad behavior, which can be done in inappropriate behaviors.