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Advantages and Disadvantages ICT Integration in the Classroom

Today, several technologies are present throughout the world. That’s why I decided to tell you about the integration of ICT in the classroom since it is a subject that many teachers will face. As a teacher, we must rely on strategies that must be used to integrate the tics in the classroom. We must change our way of teaching based on several kinds of technological devices. To enable students to get by in all areas where they need ICT, it is necessary to inform them about these technological tools. Today, most young children are using. It is important to attract the interest of students from multiple sources of reliable and organized. Learners, from the use of technology, will be able to express their creativity. Following these explanations, I énoncerais advantages and disadvantages of ICT integration in schools.

The benefits of integrating ICT in the classroom

Today, many believe that technology improves considerably and that is why, I suppose we must, as a future primary school teachers, to know the mode of operation thereof. This reality challenges us more, because teachers modify their learning in relation to educational technology. We must, as soon as possible, to face this reality. Even today, we can see that some educators do not include little or virtually no ICT in their teaching. The reason for which they do not use them, is possibly because they do not yet see the value. That’s why the company should provide new markers to better understand the future generation.

The computer allows students to have access to more comprehensive sources of information. They learn basic skills related to information retrieval. In class, the teacher and the manual are not the only sources of information. Several choices are available to them. Moreover, the integration of tics in the classroom can allow us, as a future teacher, to instruct students and to socialize more with respect to websites.

There are many advantages to integrate information technology into the classroom. The constant evolution of these allows us to consider options for future primary school teachers. Of course, one must own and know the use that we can do in the classroom since have sophisticated tools. It is essential to make good use in our classes, because the technologies are the next generation. Educate and socialize students, is it not the primary mission of the school? I think so, and that is why I agree with the integration of these tools in schools. Moreover, the use of ICT has had many impacts on students. According to researchers, they improve the motivation and the pleasure of learning from some things they know well.

In addition, information technology and communication can exploit the websites that are accessible to all. I think students enjoy learning from what interests them and that’s why they come to better understand what is explained by the teacher. Access to sources of information helps the learner to realize their potential for learning and creating. This is an advantage of technology integration in classrooms.

According to researchers, self-esteem can play for students since most of them know the technologies available to them and they are able to understand the explanations and how to use it . The information technology and communication skills help in this area as well as knowledge in each subject and discipline.

Indeed, ICTs can help to develop skills to work in collaboration and data processing. In most cases, teachers encourage teamwork as it allows students to better understand each other. Thus, they talk together and establish common ground.

Second, access to sources of information allows learners to develop meta cognitive skills. The learner needs to advance its technological tools. Using these skills, the teacher establishes technological activities that help them work better on the computer.

Finally, several studies show us that, ICTs promote increased student achievement because this tool allows them to progress at their pace and needs. With the help of access to sources of information, learners are also able to update their learning potential and creativity.

According to Ms. Odette, if a teacher wants to communicate with students, it is essential to have a means of communication. For this, the computer is a good way to convey a message. We must, first of all, make known to students to become experts in this field. We must guide them in their learning. By cons, we must realize that children are born with technology and it is not uncommon for a student or several students excel in this area which is the technologie.De addition, the integration of ICT in classes allows for a “quick and economic to the most diverse knowledge on a wide range of topics and subjects” (El Jarrad, 1996). It is essential to know that several sources of information available to us and they can be printed and made available to more learners.

The disadvantages of integrating ICT in the classroom

The integration of ICT in classrooms can also bring disadvantages. Teachers may have difficulty in relation to the integration thereof. They ask some préparation.Celle must be strong so that children do not use technology for purposes other than education and learning. The teacher must have control at all times on the navigation of students during school hours. It can make them understand that all websites are not reliable or acceptable. In short, students need to make better use.

In addition, researchers believe that when integrating ICT, children who have access to this information, are more likely to isolate themselves from the rest of the group since they can hardly play when children are team. When writing on the computer, it can not be two people at once. Therefore, the integration of technology has its limits.

In several schools, one computer is available in their class or they have a room that is specially designed to accommodate students and access to ICT. This room, by cons, must be booked by teachers to have access. This constraint does not help in the evolution of information technology and communication. The costs of purchasing new technologies, can be a constraint against the use of it.

To conclude, I strongly believe that the integration of educational technology and communication is a good way to attract the interest of young students. With all kinds of tools, we are able to control what children are doing but we must keep a constant watch for it does not use their technological tool inappropriately during school hours. There, with the constant evolution of these, the advantages and disadvantages to using them. We must still, as a teacher of primary education at all times on new technology compared to what’s coming in the future generation as it is almost here. Finally, would it fit not to include them in the course?